Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Commission, tax, tips, and other Gratuities - Section 1: Do Now


This year, I did not dive into all of  these topics within one day. I did not introduce them all in one day. Instead, I decided to categorize word problems into "percent of" and "100% + more" problems. A third, more rigorous category was "successive percents". The following are examples of each kind of problem. My Scope shows how I organized the lessons this year from days 112 - 121. I've also attached some of the new resources I used this year.

"percent of"

A salesclerk earn an 8% commission on the sale of each diamond necklace. What is her commission on the sale of a necklace that sells for $5,250?


"100% + more"

Three friends go to dinner. Their bill totals $140.95. The want to leave a 10% tip. How much will the friends pay, not including taxes?


"successive percent"

Sandy bought a pair of shoes on sale for 40% off the original price and an additional 25% off the discounted price.  If the shoes originally cost $60, what was the final cost, without tax, that Sandy paid for the shoes 

  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Additional Prior Knowledge
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Commission, tax, tips, and other Gratuities

Unit 6: Percent Applications
Lesson 7 of 17

Objective: SWBAT compute gratuity, tax, tip, and commission

Big Idea: students use bar models and numeric expressions to problem solve using tax, tip, gratuities and commission

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