Reflection: Self-Graded Rubrics Rainbows - Section 6: Evaluate


This student shows exemplar work: student work. I am so impressed by her illustrations showing how she explored putting the flashlight above, below, and beside the light. She actually even kept exploring and discovered how to make a rainbow specifically on the ceiling. 

So, when it comes time to evaluate the work using the rubric the students evaluating are exposed to observations that may be different than theirs, but still correct. The evaluator is even allowed to redo their experimenting to make sure the work is accurate.

But, when it comes to using the rubric it is important to know we did not just start using this rubric one day. I began asking one question and telling the class to put a happy face on their work if it is correct. Then I began modeling how to use rubrics similar: self and peer evaluation rubric to the one we used in this lesson. The student and peer evaluation sections are on the second rubric we use. This is one of my most complex rubrics. It is so important to fill out the rubric together in an provide models for students, so they don't get frustrated. I even help them evaluate using the rubric on their first time.

  Self-Graded Rubrics: Student Work
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Unit 7: Light in My World
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT explain what happens when light passes through water.

Big Idea: Excite the students by allowing them to create a rainbow. Then help them make connections about how light is passing through the water.

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Science, Light, reflection, mirrors, eye
  60 minutes
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