Reflection: Checks for Understanding Reflections in Water and Air - Section 6: Evaluate


So, I begin teaching students to evaluate their peers's work by giving them one thing to look for in their peers' work. Then I tell them to put a smiley face: student work on their partners' work. This is the most simply way to assess work. Then I walk around to see if they did it correctly.

Once they can do this then I introduce other rubrics: self and peer evaluation rubric where they can evaluate their own work, and  they can add up their score. Then the students move on to a rubric: self, peer, and teacher evaluation rubric  where the evaluate themselves, their peer, and then I can add my own evaluation. I usually add my evaluation during the lesson while the class is discussing their evaluations with their peers.

  Checks for Understanding: Asessement
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Reflections in Water and Air

Unit 7: Light in My World
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT explain how light is reflected in water and air.

Big Idea: Kids love to make connection to the mysteries in our world. Observing paths of light is one another way students learn about their world.

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Science, Light, reflection, mirrors, eye
  75 minutes
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