Reflection: Rigor Cinderella Skeleton - Section 3: Group Work


I felt like I did not add enough rigor to the lesson. My students did not seem challenged as I was watching them work.  I wish I explicitly showed the learners how to look beyond physical traits so that they could get a deeper understanding of the character details in the stories. In the next lesson I will model this extensively. Also, I could have added rigorous text by using more complex text and a variety of types of text.  Common Core promotes using a variety of text. This might have made this lesson stronger.  Another idea I had is to do an extended writing activity or allow students to evaluate each others work.  

  Increasing the Rigor Next Time
  Rigor: Increasing the Rigor Next Time
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Cinderella Skeleton

Unit 16: Similarities and Differences in Stories
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT determine the similarities and differences between the original Cinderella and Cinderella Skeleton.

Big Idea: Comparing stories is very entertaining to the students because they find so many differences in the texts. We pretend to be little detectives looking for new clues.

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