Reflection: Journaling Making a Map From Our Own Model Islands - Section 4: Creating the Maps


Even though I stressed that the students needed to draw their islands large, several of them still drew them too small.  I was able to catch their mistake early in the process, since I was walking around checking.  Next time I will show them a sample island that is drawn too small so they can see why size is important.  If it still happens, erasers work magically!

  Island Size
  Journaling: Island Size
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Making a Map From Our Own Model Islands

Unit 6: Water and Landforms
Lesson 10 of 10

Objective: SWBAT develop a map to show the kinds of land and water in an area.

Big Idea: We've created models of our own islands. Now what do we do with them? We can use them to make maps of the area, just like scientists do.

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Science, landforms, water, Land
  55 minutes
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