Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Magnet Investigations - Section 4: Closing and Sharing


As the above student was creating a theory for a response he was getting and sharing his thinking with me, I had a moment of wanting to quickly explain to him what was happening. It was the end of the day and I was tired. However, I realized there could be another way, a way to keep him in charge of his learning and a way for me to develop a lesson from a question. 

I decided to have the class investigate the idea of interrupting, or breaking, the force of magnetism. It doesn't always come naturally to us, as teachers, to go off  track and follow the student's questions, but when we do, everything is more rigorous, motivating, and real-life. 

We are training these young people to be thinkers, and thinking and learning are rarely done in a straight and organized line. 

I decided to go off script and change my lesson for the next day in order to allow this student to find an answer to an interesting question. 

I can't wait to see how he, and the rest, learn.

  Allowing a Student's Question to Guide a Lesson
  Student Led Inquiry: Allowing a Student's Question to Guide a Lesson
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Magnet Investigations

Unit 8: Magnets
Lesson 3 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to determine if a magnetic force can travel through space and time.

Big Idea: Much of the student's excitement around magnetism is what it can do through space. The actions magnets cause to happen are appealing to students. This lesson will guide them towards understanding why these things happen.

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Science, attractive force, Magnetism, magnet, magnetic force, temporary magnets, repel , attraction
  45 minutes
magnets at work
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