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The students came away with the intended expectation of journal use, as they all naturally tried to put their ideas into pictures of some sort. The next step in this, for me, is to begin to scaffold how to write the thinking behind the picture.  Many of the students could speak in depth about the math in the pictures, but were unable to find their voice in their writing in order to prove why the photo represented math.  They assumed the reader would know.  

  What went well?
  Routines and Procedures: What went well?
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What Is Math Anyway

Unit 1: Developing Mathematical Practices
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Objective: Students will be able to successfully participate as a member of the Math Workshop, as they are introduced to the procedures of math discussion and journaling, which are modeled and practiced until they are automatic.

Big Idea: It is important to go slow to go fast. Students are successful when they have a clear understanding of expectations. At the start of the school year the rules and rituals for the Math Workshop are established through modeling and practice.

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