Reflection: Continuous Assessment Magnetic Attraction - Section 4: Scientific Discourse


The activity carried out in this session is a very simple one. However, simple activities lend themselves perfectly for practicing scientific discourse.  The main idea is to allow opportunities for students to find their voices, respond to others, tie information together, ask questions, and communicate precisely. The only way to do this is to allow time for discussion. 

It seems this step is often overlooked, for time reasons, or teaching practices that are more of a delivery style. However, when the students are allowed to speak, they are engaged, we can assess more clearly their understanding, and we allow them to be the scientists we ask them to become. 

  Student Discourse as an Assessment
  Continuous Assessment: Student Discourse as an Assessment
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Magnetic Attraction

Unit 8: Magnets
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to categorize objects based on their attraction to magnetic forces and engage in scientific discourse regarding their findings.

Big Idea: In previous lessons, students have explored magnets without a specific outcome. Today, scientists will discover what types of materials are attracted to magnets through investigation.

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Science, Magnetism, magnet, repel , magnetism, attract, magnetic interactions, attraction
  40 minutes
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