Reflection: Complex Tasks Writing Cell Organelle Analogies - Section 2: Investigation Summary & Preparation


The Next Generation Science Standards outline the big ideas for learning. In order to make sure that students can make sense of these big ideas, it is important to help them connect the unfamiliar with the familiar. Research show that students are more likely to retain new unfamiliar knowledge if they can make a connection to preexisting familiar knowledge. Writing analogies is an excellent strategy for developing understanding.

In this lesson analogies are modeled for students, comparing cell parts (organelle) to parts of a city. Students can them select their another system for their analogies in the Cell Organelle Children's Book Project.

  Preparing Students to Understand Complex Ideas
  Complex Tasks: Preparing Students to Understand Complex Ideas
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Writing Cell Organelle Analogies

Unit 8: Understanding Our Cells
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT use analogies to compare cell organelle to a city.

Big Idea: Analogies helps us understand and communicate things that are difficult to understand, cell organelle, by making comparisons to things we already know and understand, cities.

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Science, cellular components, Cells and Cellular Processes, structure, models, function, Systems, microscope
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