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It is really hard as a teacher to let kids struggle. I am always so tempted just to answer their questions for them, but I have come to believe that this robs them of the chance to develop reasoning skills. This lesson gave me the opportunity to practice turning their questions and conjectures back to the group and letting them engage in some productive struggle to decide if they agree with the claim. For example, when a student suggests an incorrect measurment for the length of one of the rooms I wanted the group to decide if the measurement made sense. It was important for me not to show any sign that it was wrong in order to send the message that it is the groups responsibilty to verify answers.

This runs the risk that the group might not catch the mistake, so I circulated back around to see what they had decided. They had corrected it on their own, but if they hadn't I would have asked them why each number made sense until they noticed the discrepency. In this instance the mistake was assuming the room is square. This makes an easy transition to rectangles by asking 'if squares have all sides the same how many sides are the same on rectangles that aren't squares?' and then asking students to point to those equal sides.

  Student Led Inquiry: Ask, don't tell
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Fancy Flooring

Unit 10: Exploring Area & Perimeter
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Objective: SWBAT use the area formula for rectangles to help them calculate missing side lengths.

Big Idea: Students need to apply prior knowledge of area formulas and the structure of a rectangle.

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Math, Measurement, areas, perimeter (Determining Measurements), Geometry, area irregular shapes, real world applications
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