Reflection: Real World Applications Roller Coaster Problem Based Learning Project, Day 2 - Section 1: Roller Coaster Building


My students have so much fun with this assessment that sometimes they forget that they will have to complete calculations and get a grade for it. The part that they love the most is to work with their group and to actually build something together. When they have a success, they get so excited about it. My students ask me if they can take video and pictures of their roller coasters to share with their friends. That makes me happy to know they are enjoying physics that much, even though it is an assessment! 

Something that I am planning on changing about my curriculum next year is to include more engineering opportunities like this that are aligned to the curriculum. The engineering standards are an important part of the NGSS standards and since students enjoy the more hands on approach I think it will help students show mastery of content in a different way.

  Students love the engineering aspect of this assessment
  Real World Applications: Students love the engineering aspect of this assessment
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Roller Coaster Problem Based Learning Project, Day 2

Unit 9: Energy
Lesson 13 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to build a roller coaster and calculate work, power, kinetic energy, potential energy and speed at various points of the coaster.

Big Idea: Students take measurements from their roller coaster to calculate different values related to energy.

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