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On most days, I consider timely, specific, and understandable feedback to students to be the most important practice of my teaching.  With written work, students general receive feedback based on rubrics; this feedback will point to specific words, sentences, or passages to help students make specific connection between standards and quality of submitted work.  Whenever possible, I adopt the same approach with spoken presentations.  I create audio recording and submit rubric-based feedback to students with specific timestamped examples so that students are able to pinpoint exactly where improvement can be made.

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Are humans on the verge of collapse? (3 of 3)

Unit 4: Populations
Lesson 14 of 16

Objective: In this third of a three lesson sequence, student will be able to: 1) engage in evidence-based debate with peers; 2) assess the quality of debate arguments presented; 3) evaluate an argument against current consumption patterns; and 4) develop prototype solutions to problems posed by current human consumption patterns.

Big Idea: The growing human population threatens the stability of Earth. How might we understand how human population growth and consumption patterns influence the environment in order to design more sustainable human development?

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Science, human population, debate
  56 minutes
carrying capacity of humans
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