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One of the reasons I selected this website for this particular activity is because it provides the students with the opportunity to practice identifying pictures of cells in the various stages of mitosis.  As the students select an answer, they are provided with immediate feedback.  If the students answer incorrectly, they are provided with written feedback intended to help them make the correct choice.

Another reason for using this simulation is that the pictures that represent the same stage vary a bit and the students are not presented with identical pictures each time.  I explain to my students that while organisms of the same species may contain the same organelles and organs, that does not mean that each organism is identical and this activity helps to reinforce that concept.

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Cell Division Review

Unit 4: Genetics
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT accurately identify the phases of mitosis and calculate the amount of time a cell spends in each phase.

Big Idea: Use this lesson as visual reinforcement for the phases of mitosis and to help students better understand the time variance between phases.

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Science, mitosis, DNA Structure and Function, Genetics, translation (DNA), mutation, cell division, DNA, transcription (DNA)
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cell division
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