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My students have multiple times throughout the day to complete research, either individually or with a partner.  

While I teach small groups in reading, students have choices about their activities in what I like to call 3 E's time (Engage, Empower, Educate).  Engagement is enhanced through student choice, which also empowers students to achieve personal goals.  All of the activities serve the purpose of educating students by making them better readers or writers through application of skills.  Students may also read independently or with partners at other times during the day.  Students can then turn their research into a number of displays, such as a fact book or poster.

I provide books that supplement and enhance our current units for students to delve a little deeper.  Here is my collection of sound books, and on this day, I also introduced my collection of light books.  When there is an extra five minutes in the science block, students grab a book a read!  The books reinforce their learning about the properties of sound and light with colorful illustrations and mostly decodable text.

I obtained most of my supplemental books from anonymous donors at Donors Choose.  This website allows public school teachers to create projects that will enhance instruction.  Then, projects get funding through the teacher's personal contacts and/or a vast network of donors.  

  Intervention and Extension: Creating a research center
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Communicating with Light: People

Unit 4: Light and Sound
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Objective: SWBAT explain devices that people use light to communicate.

Big Idea: Who uses light to communicate? Go from sea to shining sea as we visit a lighthouse, board a Navy ship, and take a stroll on the red carpet!

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usnavy light communication
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