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Going to the trouble of reserving and then returning these lunar samples can seem daunting. It would be a whole lot easier to just show the kids a picture of Moon rocks and let them read about them. However, something is lost when a kid is unable to touch what they are learning about. I like to think of my classroom as a very hands-on environment. I just seemed natural to me that I would reserve real lunar samples that the kids can directly see.

I also tend to over-hype the arrival of the samples. About a week before the rocks are due to get here I tell the kids that a once-in-a-lifetime experience will be happening next week and I let them guess what it is. A few days before they arrive I finally tell them what is coming and let them know that they will probably never in their life get a chance to be this close to a rock that came across space and is probably 3.5 billion years old. Once they get here I let them post their pictures with the rocks on their social media sites. It makes for an exciting and memorable day.

  Why check out lunar samples
  Student Ownership: Why check out lunar samples
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Lunar Samples Activity

Unit 10: Earth, Moon, and Sun
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Objective: Students will be able to hold real lunar samples brought back by Apollo 17 with a check-out program through NASA. Using these samples as your guide, students will be able to personalize and understand the origin of our Moon.

Big Idea: Moon rocks - rock!

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