Reflection: Complex Tasks Are humans on the verge of collapse? (2 of 3) - Section 6: EVALUATE: Trial by jury


Computer technology allows students to explore an enormous amount of research related to a topic.  Access to everything is often an impediment to student understanding, because students may lack skills to evaluate sources or stamina to wade through link after link.  One solution to this problem is to experiment with edtech platforms that theoretically streamline the search process.  This year I tried CK-12 for debate research.  No platform is perfect; as such, it is essential that teachers gather research related to the user interface and value added of any edtech products that are supposed to make students' research time more effective.  Included below are examples of a simple Google form created for students to provide feedback about CK-12.  Aggregated results are also included.  An essential practice of effective blended learning environments is aligning tools to purpose and evaluating the outcomes of students' use of edtech against the promises of an edtech platform.  

  Edtech as research tool: CK-12
  Complex Tasks: Edtech as research tool: CK-12
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Are humans on the verge of collapse? (2 of 3)

Unit 4: Populations
Lesson 13 of 16

Objective: During this second of a three lesson sequence, students will be able to 1) develop a claim about the potential collapse of human society; 2) critically respond to other students' claims with counterclaims; and 3) evaluate a claim by applying the IPAT equation

Big Idea: The growing human population threatens the stability of Earth. How might we understand how human population growth and consumption patterns influence the environment in order to design more sustainable human development?

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carrying capacity of humans
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