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Solutions is a topic that is no longer going to be tested within my district. 

Because of this I decided to not teach my students the equations for molality, freezing point depression or boiling point elevations. 

However, I have taught these concepts for the past 10 years so students come into my class expecting to make ice cream (a great lab that deals with freezing point depression).  Therefore, I decided to take my ice cream lab from previous years and change it to give students a conceputal understanding of freezing point depression and incorporate solution review.

If you still are teaching freezing point depression then these are copies of my previous years' lab and rubric which is much stronger for calculating the new theoretical freezing point of the salt-ice solution and then having students calculate their percent error.

Additionally these are my old presentation, student notes, and homework for the lesson.

  Rigor: Truncated Lesson from previous years
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Ice Cream Lab

Unit 7: Unit 8: Water Quality
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Objective: Student will be able to explain how solutes effect the freezing point of a substance through performing an ice cream lab.

Big Idea: When solutes are added to a solvent they decrease the freezing point of the solvent.

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Science, Chemistry, Acids and Bases, freezing point depression, solution, water
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ice cream lab
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