Reflection: Answer: A game that helps students remember literary terms. Question: What is Jeopardy? - Section 3: Closure


This was ambitious! Nope...didn't get to it. The students were having so much fun with the Jeopardy game, and I wanted them to finish out the game and do Final Jeopardy. I think I can get answers to the closure questions by asking them in reading conferences or by including it as a closure question in the future. Sometimes the best laid plans don't turn out the way we plan them, but as teachers, we have to be able to "read the room" to see what is best for the students. This time, I chose not to be the fun-snatcher, and I think it was the best decision for this day.

  The best laid plans
  The best laid plans
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Answer: A game that helps students remember literary terms. Question: What is Jeopardy?

Unit 3: The Search for Identity: Assessing skills from "The Scarlet Ibis" and Analyzing "A Voice"
Lesson 4 of 4

Objective: SWBAT test their knowledge of literary terms used in class by playing jeopardy.

Big Idea: Teams "duke it out" for the winning title in a literary terms Jeopardy game.

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