Reflection: Modeling Food Chains & Food Webs: Problem Solving - Section 5: Obtain a Plan


When I first started teaching I thought giving students exemplars was like spoon feeding them.  I kept wanting the students to be creative and take ownership of the assignment. But all I got turn in was mish mash.  Exemplars aren't spoon feeding...they are simply a way for students to hook concretely to the task. With an exemplar students can elaborate, come up with an original idea, decide to go a different way,or add complexity. Without an exemplar, students are left guessing in a risky environment. They can't be creative because they don't understand what the baseline is.  

I came face to face with this need in adults lately at my school. We are trying some new lesson designs and several teachers kept saying that they wanted to see examples. It finally occurred to me that they needed to see a concrete example in order to build their own variations.  

  Modeling: Exemplars
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Food Chains & Food Webs: Problem Solving

Unit 6: Energy in Life: Food Chains & Food Webs
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to create their own food chains, food webs, and food pyramids for an ecosystem of their choice.

Big Idea: Spin your own food webs and other energy diagrams.

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