Reflection: 1-3 Write the Room Number Practice - Section 2: Independent Practice


I knew when I hung up the Write the Room cards that it would be impossible for all 29 of my students to be walking around with white boards.  (They tell us we will be "opening up a new kindergarten section" soon, but at this point, the 29 kiddos in our class have become a big, goofy family.  I don't know if other schools have to deal with splitting classes after the school year begins, but for me, it's a horrible practice.  I would almost rather have a big class with extra instructional assistants than have to move students OUT of my class into another class after we have all bonded and created a classroom family.  Answering the question, "Why do I have to be moved?" brings a pang to my heart every time.)

I created the Roll & Write activity to split the class and offer a fun, hands-on alternative while half the class is walking and writing the room.  Next year, I will add a third activity, because I made Roll & Write such a lengthy activity that kids were not "finished" with Roll & Write when they switched to Write the Room.  Some students, understandably, wanted to complete their Roll & Write before moving to Write the Room.  When two activities who should act interchangeably have different "running times," it can be more challenging to make that switch.

In planning ahead, I think I will create a third activity that will pair numbers and quantities.  I will keep it playful in nature--no worksheets for me, thanks!--but the third activity will allow some of those Roll & Write squares to be removed from the record sheet to make Roll & Write shorter and to essentially "even out" the running times of the activities.  


  Piecing the Lesson Together
  Piecing the Lesson Together
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1-3 Write the Room Number Practice

Unit 3: 0-5 Number Review
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT identify quantities of pictures of items, match a number to each quantitiy, and write the corresponding number.

Big Idea: Students will enjoy moving around the classroom as they practice writing numbers to match quantities.

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