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Giving this prompt for homework didn't really do this task justice. I think I would take another day to explore this prompt in a similar way to the perimeter activity. I might ask them instead, to use what they figured out with the perimeter to help them make a plan or an estimate for the area and then carry out that plan the following day.

In particular I would focus on the tools they might choose in conjunction with the cubes. I would want to ask them questions that would highlight the difference between linear and square measurement. I might ask questions like:

  • "why would a pencil not be a useful tool for area, but the notebook still would?"
  • "what part of the little white boards did you use to measure the perimeter and what part would you use for area?"
  • "what would the desk look like when you were done?" 

I think the focus on exploring and the units (linear or square) really helps students conceptualize area and perimeter more so than a focus on dimensions or formulaic procedures.

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Area & Perimeter Cubes

Unit 10: Exploring Area & Perimeter
Lesson 8 of 16

Objective: Students will be able to figure out the perimeter and area of their desks using unconventional units.

Big Idea: The relationship between linear and square units underscores the meanings of area and perimeter.

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using variety of unconventional units for perimeter
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