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Science is a subject based on equipment. In ancient cultures scientific thought was limited by the available equipment (just think what Galileo could do with an accurate timepiece -- available on every smart phone). Science is about measuring and calculating in order to prove a theorem. In that regard students must be allowed to experience this process of discovery using accurate and reliable equipment.

Buying expensive equipment isn't always necessary. A clear plastic cup with metric markings (use a permanent marker and cover those marking with clear tape) can be substituted for beakers and graduated cylinders. I have procured a lot of my glassware through contacts with food safety labs. I cold called several institutions and asked for donations. If you are able to find the right person it is hard to say no to a teacher asking for supplies that benefit children. Many of the pieces of equipment in my classroom I have built using plans from the internet. Without a sizable budget you will need to be creative in order to have a well stocked lab of equipment.

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Liquid Density Lab - Salty or Sweet

Unit 7: Density and Buoyancy
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: Students will create a density column with salt water, sugar water, and tap water.

Big Idea: A a hands-on activity using three different mixtures (salt water, sugar water, and tap water) that are stacked by the students in a graduated cylinder to create a density column.

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Science, buoyancy, density, displacement
  85 minutes
salt or sweet
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