Reflection: Modeling Liquid Density - Hot and Cold - Section 3: Lab (Student Activity)


Whenever I assign a lab activity I always demonstrate the assignment the day before in what I call the prelab. The prelab gives me a chance to review the directions with the kids and point out and difficulties they may have. When I first started doing this I actually performed the entire lab for them, including the actual physical lab. I often had students that would watch everything I do then, the next day, skip the lab and answer the lab questions based on what they saw the day before.

I'm much more careful today on how much I reveal in the prelab. I demonstrate what need to be accomplished, but I don't provide an conclusion on what is going to occur. I often say "something will occur when you add the food coloring". I think it is important for kids to have a conceptual understand of what they need to do, but be careful and don't give too much away.

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Liquid Density - Hot and Cold

Unit 7: Density and Buoyancy
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: Students will be able to build a density column using hot and cold water in order to gain experience working with fluids of varying density.

Big Idea: Relationship with density are explored while constructing a density column with hot and cold water.

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Science, buoyancy, density, displacement
  85 minutes
liquid density lab hot and cold
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