Reflection: Organizational Systems Building the Grand Canyon - Section 2: Clay and Fossils


Each clay kit can be created ahead of time and stored to use the next year. The clay is the only item that will need to be fresh. In order to make the kits, storage containers that are sealable are most handy. Within each storable I place a card that explains the layer of the canyon and the type of fossil if any can be found there. I then laminate these cards. Fossils to add to each kit can be bought or made. I found items that are similar to those of the real shapes in order for students to get a basic understanding. As I find new toys or items that will work I replace them with the better items. 

  Creating Clay Kits
  Organizational Systems: Creating Clay Kits
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Building the Grand Canyon

Unit 5: Processes That Shape the Earth
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Objective: SWBAT construct the layers of the Grand Canyon to understand the different rocks that form it.

Big Idea: The Grand Canyon is an excellent model for learning about Earth's rock formations. Students will look at fossils and the differences in layers to understand how the Earth changed over time.

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Science, volcanoes, fossils, Grand Canyon, Rock Layers, canyons
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