Reflection: Intervention and Extension The Dark Side - Section 3: Exploration ~ the wave crest


I support beginning readers with specific strategies in this lesson.

First, because this is an initial read of a text, we begin with a picture walk preview.  In this way, students begin to familiarize themselves with the topic through looking at the illustrations.  I have students turn-and-talk during picture walks in order to begin having them engage with the text (rather than passively turning pages) and start verbalizing words we may see in the text as we read.

Second, I echo read the text.  When echo reading, the teacher reads one sentence with proper fluency.  Then, students echo the sentence and the teacher's fluency.  This allows students to hear how phrases are scooped together.

Also, I model tracking the text with my finger.  Tracking includes touching each word from left to right, and return-sweeping after each line.  I track the print as I read and also as students read.  They also track the print with both reads, which helps them recognize the corresponding words.

Supporting developing readers is important in all subject areas!

  Intervention and Extension: Supporting early childhood readers
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The Dark Side

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 12 of 18

Objective: SWBAT conduct an investigation to determine that without light, we cannot see.

Big Idea: Come to the dark side... of your classroom! Can we see when there is no light?

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