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I decided to change the second question in the class notes to reflect better alignment with the standards which state that students should be able to identify the constant of proportionality given a table (7.RP.A.2b). I do not label the x and y columns in order to revisit the idea that two different unit rates can be calculated. In order to calculate the appropriate constant of proportionality, we need to identify the dependent (y) and dependent (x) variables. Students often need multiple examples of dependent and independent variables. 

  • $8 per hour ($ (y) is dependent on time (x))
  • 50 calories per chip ( calories (y) are dependent on chips (x))
  • 5 sweaters cost $65 ($ (y) depends on number of sweaters(x))

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The Constant of Proportionality

Unit 5: Ratios and Proportional Relationships
Lesson 8 of 21

Objective: SWBAT calculate k, the constant of proportionality given a table of values.

Big Idea: students work to identify and apply the constant of proportionality to solve word problems and display them on chart paper to present and explain at the end of class

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