Reflection: Checks for Understanding How Do We Hear? Applying the Engineering Process Day 2 - Section 4: Wrapping It Up


Through the worksheet, I was looking for two things. I was looking to find the level of my student's ability to acknowledge that they needed to change things up to make their invention better. I also was looking for them to tell me about sound energy and how they understood how it travels through a solid object. This little creative inquiry process really allowed them to understand, play, invent, try and revamp their ideas!

  Looking at the Change
  Checks for Understanding: Looking at the Change
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How Do We Hear? Applying the Engineering Process Day 2

Unit 3: Waves
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Objective: Students understand the engineering process by identifying design flaws and redesigning the product to address the flaws.

Big Idea: Using their newly designed "phones," students rediscover the engineering process as well as explore why their invention works, explaining how sound waves travel through solids.

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