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The discussion questions in this lesson relate directly to the NGSS standards.  Oftentimes, there are specific questions I want to ask in order to move students towards deeper understandings of the standards of crosscutting concepts.

To help me remember the specific questions I want to ask, sometimes I print the lesson plan ahead of time.  I hold a copy of the questions during the discussion, to make sure I hit all of the key points.

If I were to adapt this curriculum for a county, I would provide teachers with index cards.  On one side of the index cards would be the standards for quick reference, and on the other would be the guiding questions for each lesson.  Index cards can be connected using a binder ring.  In this way, districts can support teachers with developing their own conceptual understanding of the standards.

  Remembering the guiding questions
  Organizational Systems: Remembering the guiding questions
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Communicating with Light: People

Unit 4: Light and Sound
Lesson 13 of 18

Objective: SWBAT explain devices that people use light to communicate.

Big Idea: Who uses light to communicate? Go from sea to shining sea as we visit a lighthouse, board a Navy ship, and take a stroll on the red carpet!

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usnavy light communication
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