Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Relating Dams to Rights and the Common Good - Section 1: Brainstorm


It is a state expectation that students be able to identify how a controversial issue relates to their rights as world citizens and to the common good. While students are frequently able to list their rights and things that they do for the common good, it is often challenging for them to relate these rights to the topic of dams. To help students with this, I use small group brainstorming. I place students into heterogenous groups and ask them to discuss how their rights might be impacted by the presence of dams. I ask students to create a t-chart to divide positive impacts of dams on rights and negative impacts of dams on rights. I encourage students to refer to their notes as they engage in these small group discussions.

Students commonly identify the ability to obtain low-cost power, to safely access reservoirs for recreational activities, and the ability to control water levels as positive impacts of dams. The students commonly identify the threat to animal species, the modification of the natural environment, and the impact of dam construction as negative impacts of dams. 

  Relating Rights to the Topic of Dams
  Grappling with Complexity: Relating Rights to the Topic of Dams
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Relating Dams to Rights and the Common Good

Unit 9: Dams and Hydroelectricity
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Objective: SWBAT identify the rights of citizens related to the topics of dams. SWBAT identify ways that dams impact the common good.

Big Idea: Dams provide benefits and drawbacks for the community and natural environment.

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Science, design process, Social Studies, engineering, literacy in science
  40 minutes
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