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When students partner up and share their thinking, it is often hard to keep all students on-task and engaged in the work. To help students maintain their focus and to increase accountability during partner time, I use a colored pencil strategy. Before selecting student partners, I ask each student to put away their pencil and choose a colored pencil to use in the activity. I then select student partners and provide them with a time to find a work space in the classroom. I ask students to take turn sharing. As their partner shares, each student has the option of adding facts that their partner shares to their notes using their colored pencil. At the end of sharing time, I scan the students' notes and look for facts that were added using colored pencil. This provides a quick snapshot of each student's work. Also, since the students know I will be checking for facts added in colored pencil, they are motivated to actively listen and add to their notes during partner sharing.

  Accountability During Partner Work
  Accountability: Accountability During Partner Work
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Power Companies and Dams

Unit 9: Dams and Hydroelectricity
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify the ways that power companies utilize the river to create usable energy for human use.

Big Idea: People use hydroelectric power to help meet their needs.

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Science, design process, engineering, literacy in science
  55 minutes
hydropower dams
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