Reflection: Student Ownership Planning a Landform Model - Section 5: Elaboration


Having the students complete this activity creates the bond of learning that is optimal.  The students were completely into this task.  Not because it was oodles of fun at this point, but because they were creating THEIR island, nobody else's.  They were in charge of choosing the water and landforms for their island.  They were in charge of drawing the symbols to represent each of the landforms as they desired.  They were in "charge " of these things, but they had options within limits that were predetermined, they just didn't realize it.  I have found that the more the students feel like they have free choices, the more they will buy into an activity.  The more they buy in, the more effective the learning is and greater the chance of them remembering key ideas.

  OUR Island--Nobody Else's!
  Student Ownership: OUR Island--Nobody Else's!
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Planning a Landform Model

Unit 6: Water and Landforms
Lesson 8 of 10

Objective: SWBAT create their own model island by first sketching a diagram.

Big Idea: Now that we know different water and landforms, we can create our own model of an island incorporating them. Our first step is to sketch a diagram of our plans.

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