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Pulling small groups is a skill that Elementary teachers manage day in and day out of their teaching.  But it is harder in middle school and is not always a part of the normal instruction practice. None the less, it is an essential practice in diverse classrooms.  

One structure that can be used to make this easier to manage in a classroom is an RTI Grid. You simply give the students an assessment or formative check and then list their names in the appropriate column. You don't even really need to record a grade in the grade book as you are simply grouping students and planning next steps. 

  Student Grouping: Pulling small groups
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History of Earth: Part 1: Reteach/Extend

Unit 12: History of Earth: Part 1
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to plot events on their timeline.

Big Idea: The history of Earth takes place of an enormous amount of time.

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