Reflection: Safety Animal Speed and Data - Section 3: Creating Graphs


In the middle of our lesson we had a LOCKDOWN. There was an immediate threat to the safety of our children in the middle of their design process. Keeping students calm as we follow procedures was critical, but more over the lesson was interrupted. We had to follow up with the charting portion the next day. I modeled the graphing process again because of the emotional situation and I was not sure if students would remember the process of creating their graph. Students were excited to start our day where we left off and the results were worth the wait. 

  Safety: LOCK DOWN
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Animal Speed and Data

Unit 7: Life Science
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: SWBAT collect data and turn that data into a graphical representation or graph in order to draw conclusions about animal speed.

Big Idea: In order to understand how scientists use data to make determinations, students need to practice with collecting it and turing it into a visual model that can be used to understand concepts. In this activity, students use animal speeds to create their grap

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Science, visual display, visual aids, Graphing, speed, data representation, animal, life science
  40 minutes
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