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During the past year, I have tried to incorporate more inquiry-style lessons into my science instruction.  I have the students exploring a concept and then teaching them more about it, having them make connections and observations before we begin our discussions or formal presentation on the topic.  This style of teaching was not what I was accustomed to.

The science curriculums that I have used are quite the opposite of inquiry-based.  They have a traditional structure where information is presented and the students use this information to then complete an experiment.  It was a challenge for me to adjust my lesson planning to have the investigation open the lesson.  I hadn’t taught science lessons like this before.  But once I saw the way my students were able to make connections as a result of opening the lesson with an investigation, I was sold.  I have witnessed a level of thinking and problem solving with my students that I did not even imagine was possible.  They are solving problems and making connections far beyond what I would expect from 5 and 6 year olds.  I also like how the excitement of the investigation launches the lesson and that excitement hangs on as the students want an explanation for what they just experienced.

I know that I will continue to plan inquiry-based lessons for my science instruction  I will also look at how I can restructure existing lessons to help my students be more engaged and use more critical thinking skills.  I think the results will be worth my effort.

  Thinking about Lesson Design
  Student Led Inquiry: Thinking about Lesson Design
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Test Tube Rainbow - Exploring the Density of Liquids

Unit 6: Sink or Swim
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Objective: Students will be able to understand how liquids have differing densities by participating in an investigation.

Big Idea: Solids have different densities, but so do liquids! This fun investigation will help your students understand this fascinating concept.

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density of liquids
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