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For this lesson, we explored how the density of an object can be countered.  The students went through a series of tests to help them draw conclusions about how the addition of air can counter density.  We then discussed how this plays out in the real world boats and ships.

I think the students are really understanding how we can use investigations to answer questions about the world around us.  I could have easily answered this question for the students, but it was so much more valuable for them to experience the investigation and to be able to draw conclusions from their observations and discussions.  I think we often just give students the answer because, "it is easier", but we are missing wonderful opportunities to help our students be problem solvers and critical thinkers.  They may not all grow up to be scientists, but we want them to know how to tackle a problem or how to search out an answer when it cannot be found on the Internet (or how to question the answer they do find).

I know I am going to think more about the questions the students ask me and how I can help them discover the answers through activities like this.  The world needs more critical thinkers.  I am going to do my best to contribute!

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Why Don't They Sink - Countering Density

Unit 6: Sink or Swim
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Objective: Students will be able to show how the density of an object can be countered by completing an investigation.

Big Idea: Why do boats and other large items float when the material they are made of is a high density? This fun investigation helps answer this question!

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