Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Mini- Lesson: A Big Splash! - Section 3: Reflecting Upon Our Understanding



This lesson is a simple way to witness waves created by displacement and how energy transfers and travels.Students can connect their understanding well because they have played with water enough to understand what is going on. Most of my students have thrown rocks into water. 

The teaching challenge about so many inquiry lessons is that students are so wrapped up in what they are doing that they sometimes forget to write accurate observations. That is where an iPad video really helps out. They can review it over and over and refer back to it as the unit progresses. 

To fully understand the differences of the cork, marble and rock's impact on the water, the movie is a great tool!


  Using Video to Review Evidence
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Using Video to Review Evidence
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Mini- Lesson: A Big Splash!

Unit 3: Waves
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: Students learn about waves created through displacement.

Big Idea: Students drop several different sized objects into a bucket of water and observe what happens by measuring how long the wave continues after the displacement.

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Science, Waves, Sound, Sounds Waves, Energy transfer by displacement, timing, Evidence based conclusions, engineering
  45 minutes
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