Reflection: Grade Book and Data Analysis History of Earth: Part 1: Pre-Requisite - Section 5: Movie Activity


I collect the class notes every day and record a grade for them in the grade book.  This is a level of commitment that I think is important when showing a video in class, because students are used to movie days being "free" days.  They are used to simply being movie theater audiences instead of students.  Collecting and grading the notes sends a sign to students that I think this information is important.  I also tell students that we will use these notes on a project later on.  I find that when I collect the notes and grade them, I ALWAYS get better notes the next day from more students. 

Collecting the notes serves another important service in the middle school lets me help the students stay organized.  I give the notes each day to my student assistant who staples them into packets.  That way when it is time to make the project, students are not hampered by their disorganization.  

  Grading Class notes
  Grade Book and Data Analysis: Grading Class notes
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History of Earth: Part 1: Pre-Requisite

Unit 12: History of Earth: Part 1
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to picture and describe earth as a dynamic planet rather than a static land.

Big Idea: Continents are pushed by a powerful force.

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