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This is an introduction lab so students do not have very much background knowledge on the topic of solutions.  Therefore, they need to make sure to read the instructions carefully and be able to understand what the lab instructions are saying.  Because of this, there are quite a few common confusions among students as they are doing their lab.  As students work on the lab I help them with these confusions, but these are also all topics that we will discuss throughout the unit so I am not very worried if they are still confused at the end of the lab.

One of the first confusions is students figuring out which of the substances (salt/Koolaid or water) are the solute compared to the solvent.  I make sure to check students work regarding this as I walk around.  This video shows how I do this with one group.

Another common mistake among students is figuring out the grams of solution in #5 and #6.  I make sure to walk around and check students work that they add the water and the Koolaid to figure out grams of solutions.  This is a video showing how I do this with one group.

A final common confusion for students is determining if the solutions are saturated, unsaturated, or supersaturated.  Students have a hard time with this because they just want to say that if a solution has a lot of the solute its supersaturated.  As I walk around I review students' answers with them and make sure that they have read the definitions before making a decision.  This is an example of a student who went back and changed his answers for this last question after our discussion.

  Rigor: Common Mistakes During the Lab
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Introduction to Solutions

Unit 7: Unit 8: Water Quality
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Objective: Students will be able to make solutions and analyze the solutions' concentrations both qualitatively and quantitatively through performing a lab activity.

Big Idea: Solutions are homogenous mixtures composed of solutes dissolved in solvents and can be analyzed both qualitatively and quantitatively.

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