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Middle school students can go through this activity very independently.  It can be tempting on days like this to grade a few papers, update your website, or enter some grades into the gradebook.  I challenge you, however, to use this day as a valuable opportunity to meet with groups of learners that need help in specific skills.  

Prior to this lesson, go through your formative assessments/data you have collected and determine a few groups of learners that need help with a particular skill.  While students work, pull those groups and reteach/provide instruction that can help increase their level of mastery.  

Seize these moments of student independence to help students further their learning!  What a great opportunity to truly utilize your formative assessments to adjust your teaching!

  The lesson is a great opportunity to conference!
  Conferencing: The lesson is a great opportunity to conference!
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The Organization of Living Things: Structure/Function Relationships

Unit 7: Cells: Structure, Function, and Processes
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate the relationship between structure and function in cells, tissues, and organs.

Big Idea: Students research to find the structure/function relationship in red blood cells, nerve cells, xylem tissue, and the small intestine.

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Science, Cells and Cellular Processes, cells, Organization Systems, cell function, cellular respiration, plant cells, cell membrane, structure and function , tissue, Organs, organsystems, living things, microscope
  90 minutes
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