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The next several lessons in this unit can be difficult for my lowest readers.  Annotation is an important tool to help them make sense of the problems.  I also provide students with a graphic organizer that contains key words they should look out for and a space where students can add to the lists as we progress through the lessons.  Generally, I don't push kids to memorize key words, as I want them to make sense of what is happening in the problem, but this support for my lowest-reading students helps to give them an entry point into what can be difficult problems.

  Supporting My Lowest Readers
  ELL Students: Supporting My Lowest Readers
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Writing Algebraic Equations to Represent Real-World Scenarios (One-Step)

Unit 8: Equations
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write and solve one-step equations to represent real-world and mathematical problems.

Big Idea: Students will translate verbal expressions into algebraic equations to represent real-world problems starting by correctly identifying the variables and operations in the situation.

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Math, Algebra, translating expressions, Algebraic expressions, writing expressions
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