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One way I create joy in math class is to use references to events outside of school that will make kids smile (and sometimes giggle).  This Think About It problem is one that my students find interesting.  It's also now, in 2015, is a little dated.  I go through my materials and make updates to pop culture references periodically, so that they stay current.  For example, rather than write a problem about the engagement of Beyonce and JayZ, I might change this to be about Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney.

  Updating Pop Culture References
  Joy: Updating Pop Culture References
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Writing Simple Inequalities

Unit 9: Inequalities
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: SWBAT represent a real world or mathematical context using a simple inequality and describe the solution set.

Big Idea: Real-word contexts can be represented by algebraic inequalities when there is a comparison of two unequal quantities, or when there are a range of possible solutions.

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