Reflection: Real World Applications Ida B. Wells - Section 3: Partner Work


Many students required a lot of support to make the connections about how they can react to unfair behavior.  Most said they would tell their teacher.  So, I made a list of other respectful ways to communicate their opinion.  I think I needed to discuss these ideas more prior to writing and create more brainstorming.  I could have made a list of possible choices and let them choose from the list.  Then they could justify their decision.

  Real World Applications: Ida B. Wells Group Work: Extension
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Ida B. Wells

Unit 13: Main Idea from an Informational Text
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Objective: SWABT identify the main idea and three supporting details after listening to an excerpt from an informational text read aloud.

Big Idea: Engage your class in a cross curricular lesson about the main idea while teaching about Ida B. Wells and African American History.

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ida b wells
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