Reflection: Students with Disabilities Energy Assessment - Section 3: Reviewing Our Learning


A normal test might not be an appropriate measure for checking the learning of all students. This is why I like to do ongoing quick checks and exit notes to check for understanding. This allows me to gauge the learning of all my students along the way. For a more summative assessment I choose the answers that I want to check for learning on and circle or highlight these for my students with special needs. This makes the test not so long or arduous. 

  Assessing All Students
  Students with Disabilities: Assessing All Students
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Energy Assessment

Unit 3: Magnets, Energy and Assessment
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate and explain what they have learned about energy in the form of an assessment.

Big Idea: Assessment allows for decisions to be made that can help support student learning. It is relevant when trying to determine growth.

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Science, Magnetism, assessment, Energy, Energy, Magnets
  70 minutes
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