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By eighth grade, many students have become adept at memorizing information, but they struggle with the ability to apply the information.  In order to make sure that the students have a deeper understanding of what is occurring during the various phases of mitosis, I utilize a couple of different model options.  I begin by having the students work together as a class to complete the activity in which they place the models in the correct order.  I turn to models again, asking students to create their own models to explain mitosis.  Requiring the students to make their own models causes them to think about what is occurring in the phase and then to determine the best way through which to represent that information.  I also check in with them as they make their models to ensure that they understand what they are representing.  Having the students present their models to the other students is yet another way to check their understanding as they verbalize the information.

  Using Models to Check for Understanding
  Checks for Understanding: Using Models to Check for Understanding
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Mitosis - Flipped

Unit 4: Genetics
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Objective: SWBAT identify the role of mitosis in cell division and describe the phases of mitosis.

Big Idea: In this lesson students use models to better understand cell division.

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Science, mitosis, DNA Structure and Function, Genetics, translation (DNA), mutation, cell division, DNA, transcription (DNA)
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