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Quiz Quiz is a great way to review with students.  This strategy is similar to Kagan's quiz, quiz, trade which is explained here; however, I do not have students trade, rather I have them become experts and then hold onto their specific card for the entire activity.

I like this activity because it helps each student feel important as that they are the "expert" on a question and they can help their partners.  For students who tend to struggle I make sure to give them the easier level questions; whereas, I give the more difficult questions to the higher achieving students.  Also when students are studying to become experts I make sure to walk around and help struggling students.

This is how the activity works:

  1. Each student gets a question on a card.
  2. Each student gets time to become an expert on their question.  This includes understanding the question enough so that they can give hints to other students if they are stuck.
  3. The music plays (I obviously pick a cool chemistry song such as They Might Be Giants, Why does the sun shine) and students walk around the classroom.  They should bring their cards with them along with anything needed to complete their question such as their notes, a calculator, etc.
  4. The music stops.  Students that are near each other give a high-five to show that they will be partners.  I walk around to help make sure everyone is partnered up.  If there is an odd number than I will have students make a group of 3.
  5. The first student (whoever has the lower number) asks their question first.  The other student tries to answer.  If the student cannot answer they say "give me a hint or a push".  The student who is the expert gives the student a hint.  If the student still cannot answer, than they can ask for another push.  If they still can't solve after the second push than the expert should help the student with the correct answer.
  6. After this the second student (whoever had the higher number) asks their question second.  The same procedure occurs as the first student in terms of pushes etc.
  7. When both students are done (or most of the class is completed) I tell students to make sure that each student has the correct answer.
  8. The music plays again and students continue to walk around, and the activity continues.  I continue the activity until students have teamed with at least half of the class, but will do more depending on time. 

This first video shows me explaining how the activity works to students in terms of how to become an expert. 

This second video shows me explaining to students what they will do when the music starts, how to pair up, and goes through the first round of partners.

This third video shows students going through the activity where they are helping each other to answer the questions.

  Student Ownership: Reviewing in Chemistry- Quiz Quiz
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Gases in our Atmosphere Review

Unit 6: Unit 7: Earth's Atmosphere
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Student will be able to review what they have learned in this unit through performing a review activity with their peers.

Big Idea: There are many concepts involved with the unit Gases in Our Atmosphere which are important for students to review prior to their exam.

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Science, Chemistry, gases (Chem), climate, atmosphere (Science), Review Strategies, Gases, radiation, Gas Laws, boyle's law, Charles' Law
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