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Before beginning this lesson, I recommend doing a safety refresher training with your students. This investigation uses several liquids which may be taken for granted because they are found in most homes. We can't always trust the judgment of her middle school students who, being curious by nature, will undoubtedly want to explore the contents. Make it clear to your students that safety is a top priority for this lab.

Model for them the appropriate use of protective equipment including safety goggles, gloves and aprons should you be using them. Also familiarize them with the locations of sinks, eyewash stations, chemical showers etc.  The chemicals used in this lab can cause irritation if they get to eyes, mouth or prolonged exposure to skin. You will also want to establish the routine for cleanup of the materials and provide time at the end of class. 

  Safety first
  Safety: Safety first
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Acid Oceans Part 1

Unit 4: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Impact on Oceans
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT explain what is meant by pH, create a pH indicator and use the indicator to explain how to measure the pH of solutions.

Big Idea: Introduce your students to the acids, bases and the pH scale in the context of ocean acidification.

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Science, Acids and Bases, acid rain, Climate Change, ocean, Carbon, pH, Ocean acidification, tides, Sea level rise, map
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