Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Acid Oceans: Part 2 - Section 4: Explain


In this lab students simulated the effects of CO2 dissolving into saltwater. One of the things that I like about this activity, is that it provides not only a model but a clear visual change in pH that is easy to discuss and connect to the study of ocean acidification.

Once students understand what is meant by acids/bases and how carbon dioxide changes the pH of salt water, it makes the transition to studying the effect of acidic saltwater of ecosystems easier to understand. Students will be able to build more cohesive arguments from data with this level of science background.

  How does this relate?
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: How does this relate?
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Acid Oceans: Part 2

Unit 4: Understanding Our Changing Climate: Impact on Oceans
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Objective: SWBAT explain what happens to the pH of water when it mixes with CO2 and predict how this may impact ocean acidification.

Big Idea: Once your students have an understanding of acids and bases you can use this lesson to demonstrate how CO2 decreases the pH of water and relate it to effects of ocean acidification.

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Science, Acids and Bases, acid rain, Climate Change, ocean, Carbon, Ocean acidification, tides, Sea level rise, map
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