Reflection: Exit Tickets Spreading Seeds Around The Forest - Section 3: Exploring the Different Ways Seeds are Transported


The journal entries are a form of exit tickets for me. I look at the journal entries for several reasons. First I want to see if students understand the task that they were given. Secondly I want to see if students are able to explain their thinking. I am looking for students to become more explicit in writing their observations. Journal Entry 1  Journal Entry 2 

As I look at the current journal entries I notice that students are beginning to explain exactly what happened. They are becoming more specific. Some students are adding diagrams with labels. It is important to realize that these students are second graders, but that we want them to begin to clarify what they see happening when they write their journals.

  Exit Tickets: Journal Entries
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Spreading Seeds Around The Forest

Unit 5: Where Does It Live?
Lesson 6 of 17

Objective: SWBAT identify at least 3 ways that seeds are spread through the forest environment

Big Idea: New trees, new plants, new flowers spring up all over the forest habitat. How and why do they spring up where they are?

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Science, forest, ecosystem, experiment, Creative Writing, survival, rainforest, habitats
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