Reflection: Student Feedback Los Angeles Climatograph - Section 2: Warm Up: What's our climate like?


Despite my best attempts to make the question of whether or not a Los Angeles climatograph would more closely resemble the chaparral it's supposed to according to the boime distribution maps students made in a previous lesson, or whether our recent drought would move our data closer to a Desert, one clever student unraveled the whole thing.  Sometimes it's really important to look closely at all the resources you give to students because I hadn't noticed that the data cited in the textbook for their chapparal climatograph is "Los Angeles".  This did not dawn on me until a student pointed it out as the reason for his prediction that Los Angeles data would be closest to the chaparral climatograph.  Needless to say, I was taken aback and felt the air rush out of the question... it just seemed to be a moot point. 

In the future, I could point out that the textbook's chaparral climatograph data comes from Los Angeles, and then explicitly ask the question if they think our recent drought had moved our data closer to desert conditions.  I suppose I could have done this during this lesson if I hadn't been so bowled over by my own sense of embarrassment at having missed such a crucial detail during the extensive planning to create this activity. 

Oh well, unless you're in Los Angeles or another city specifically cited in the text, you're unlikely to run into the same problem.

  Student Feedback: Kids these days, they're sharp!
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Los Angeles Climatograph

Unit 5: Biomes
Lesson 2 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to conduct web research and develop a climatograph of their local climate including temperature and precipitation.

Big Idea: Although weather fluctuates from day to day, long term trends in climate are stable and predictable. However, global climate change can disrupt local long term trends.

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