Reflection: Super Six! - Section 3: Closing


Sometimes I think I can be such a "pro" that no one can notice when things aren't going as planned or hoped.  I'm finding as I keep teaching that while that is frequently the case, there are just those times where it's nice to smile a weary smile and admit, "Yep, I need to make this better."

The kids' observations and comments during our reflection fully supported what I knew:  the structure of these activities, while fine for 2 teachers, did not work with just one lunatic teacher frantically trying to rush between 2 activities and keep all students active and engaged.  They were sweet about noting that it was harder this week, and we all missed our student teacher.

We WILL go on, and I already have a plan to change our format to allow for less waiting-on-teacher time and more meaningful practice.  I also appreciate that the students noticed what I did about our much-practiced bumpy boards:  as much as I mix things up, it's time to mix THAT up!  

Having student input--and really valuing it--makes learning OURS.  Even on this exhausting, challenging afternoon, I felt like we were in it together, and I am motivated to make next week better.  I have 20 very important people counting on me!

  When Things Get a Little Hectic...
  When Things Get a Little Hectic...
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Super Six!

Unit 7: Introducing... the Numbers!
Lesson 6 of 18

Objective: SWBAT identify, write, count, and represent the number 6.

Big Idea: Students will enjoy a variety of opportunities to practice 6, including opportunities to move objects, work with play dough, enjoy different textures, and get into the number 6!

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